Since 2007, the A Planet for Life authors network has explored the great dossiers of sustainable development, documenting its implementation and the results obtained.

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Analogies: learning to transform scientific discoveries into politics

Interview with Mario Molina, with Sébastien Treyer and Aleksandar Rankovic (Iddri), Alexis Bonnel (Afd) and Isabelle…

California plans for its 2050 climate future

California is a pioneer state in terms of environmental protection and also for specific action on climate and the…
Date: 2015

Inventing Sustainable Financing for Cities*

The 2008 financial and economic crises that began in the United States ultimately reached urban governments around the…
Date: 2010

United States: Renewable Energy Comes to Town

Many cities worldwide are promoting renewable energy sources. Research shows that American cities are making slow…