Since 2007, the A Planet for Life authors network has explored the great dossiers of sustainable development, documenting its implementation and the results obtained.

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United Nations | 30 years of sustainable development

The environment became part of the international policy agenda in 1972. Since then, the progressive integration of…

Regulating property markets for inclusive cities

Urban growth in the cities of the Global South can be seen first and foremost in the extension of informal settlements,…
Date: 16 Dec 2016

Making room for social sciences in global expertise in biodiversity

Marie Roué, anthropologist and member of the IPBES. Interview with Aleksandar Rankovic (Iddri) and Isabelle Biagiotti …

Analogies: learning to transform scientific discoveries into politics

Interview with Mario Molina, with Sébastien Treyer and Aleksandar Rankovic (Iddri), Alexis Bonnel (Afd) and Isabelle…

Analysis| From expertise to collective experimentation?

What is the nature of the links between science and policy while implementing a more sustainable development? How to…