The Fabric of Sustainable Development

A new editorial projet for A Planet for life

For the last nine years, A Planet for Life has been documenting sustainable development as a process, as an approach, a philosophy, renewing the relationship between economic, social and environmental issues, as a subject for research and expertise and as a political choice.

A Planet for Life deciphers the issues and challenges of sustainable development. The major events disrupting the planet are analysed and put into perspective. Status reports are drafted on the major topics of sustainable development. Reference dossiers are produced by the best experts from all over the world. Over 400 authors, academics and researchers from all fields have made contributions to the different papers in A Planet for Life.

AFD and IDDRI, who have initiated and are conjointly moderating of the collection, have decided to put on line all the contributions – dossiers, interviews, references, maps, graphics and data from A Planet for Life – and to make them accessible free of charge to all. This decision aims and contributes to answering the demands for deciphering, analysis, reflections, perspective and forward-looking vision in a more powerful way.

Free access to the entire contents with a view to providing access for all will make it easier to meet the development specialists, journalists from the generalized and specialized press working on sustainable development, students and future policy-makers who make up A Planet for Life.

To enable A Planet for Life to become a lever for the topics of sustainable development, partnerships with think tanks in emerging and developing countries, initiated in 2009 with The Energy and Resources Institute de New Delhi (TERI), will be strengthened and diversified.

The editorial line remains the same, with great attention given to forecasting and the neutral analysis of immediate news. An open system of call for papers and appeals to specific authors will be set up on topics selected by AFD, lDDRI and its partners. A Planet for Life as a yearly publication will disappear and will be replaced by A Planet for Life in the form of reviewed papers regularly posted on line.

The next contributions to A Planet for Life bear on the analysis of the main issues and challenges regarding the collective commitments of Nations, either the Addis Ababa agreement on development financing, the sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in New York or the commitments of Nations on the climate during the COP 21 in Paris.

They are organised around 10 cross-cutting dossiers:

The dossiers are introduced by experts from AFD and IDDRI and commented by international reference personalities proposed by both institutions and their partners, including the TERI. These dossiers are based on previously published articles and on other elements such as maps and charts.