Throughout the year, A Plant for Life offers topical dossiers which explore current issues and sustainable development issues

Basing public policy on science and knowledge

30 Oct 2016

The success of the IPCC and the high esteem accorded to its work, which was acknowledged by the award of the Nobel Prize, have highlighted the importance not only of scientific work applied to the knowledge and management of global and regional issues, but also the organization and dissemination of this work to influence decisions. Others have sought to adapt this model to apply to other global issues, particularly through the establishment of analogous assessment bodies.

Oceans – The New Frontier

Oceans – The New Frontier explores how human community insistently pushes the oceans’ limits, seeking to exploit all of their varied resources – minerals, fisheries, fuels and genetic material. The ocean frontier is constantly being redefined by new discoveries, technologies, national strategies, and ecological imperatives. Increasing dependence of humanity on the resources of the oceans has blurred the boundaries between the mainland and oceans.

Cities | Steering towards sustainability

The twenty-first century is already an urban one. Cities are pivotal to sustainability concerns – globalization, climate change, food security, environmental protection, and innovation. Today’s urban actors, both citizens and their leaders, have a major responsibility as trustees of the future: their present actions will influence the shape and structure of cities, so that the generation to come may live healthy and contended lives. 

The Governance of Sustainable Development

How is sustainable development to be made a reality? More than fifteen years after the Rio Conference, the question remains unanswered and has in fact been made more urgent by the vigorous mobilization of non-state actors, NGOs, enterprises and local communities. Recognizing the inadequacy of today’s governance system is not enough to settle the issue: we need to identify the premises of a new type of governance given the ongoing dynamics.