Thiago Varanda Barbosa

Thiago Varanda Barbosa is a Brazilian economist graduated at University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and University of Lisbon (exchange program), with Master in International Relations at University of Brasília. Since 2006 he works with implementation and evaluation of social policies in Brazil’s Ministry of Social Development (MDS). Barbosa coordinated MDS’s register for conditioned cash transfer and, most recently, rural development policies focused on local food circuits for schools and third sector initiatives; currently working with evaluation and monitoring of cash transfer conditionalities in education and health. Barbosa is also PhD program researcher in production engineering at COPPE/UFRJ. His current research aims at mapping popular economy. Barbosa wrote chapter 10 in Planet for Life 2013 and a chapter for Fome Zero. His most recent papers are: Social policy innovation and local worker knowledge; and Social protection in the 21st century: systemic constraints, national policies and the regional experiences of European Union and Mercosul.