Romain Pirard,

Romain Pirard is a French citizen and was a senior scientist at CIFOR until November 2016, with a double master degree in natural resource economics and applied mathematics, and a PhD in Environmental Economics. He has fifteen years of professional experience in various contexts such as international organizations (CIFOR, World Bank), international NGOs (IUCN, Greenpeace), research & development organizations (CIRAD, CERDI), think tanks (IDDRI), bilateral cooperation (French Embassy). While his current area of interest is the governance of planted forests worldwide, initiatives for sustainable oil palm in Indonesia, and the emergence of corporate sustainability commitments across commodities, he has previously been actively researching market-based instruments for ecosystems services, REDD+, economic valuations applied to the environment, biodiversity conservation funding, the international forestry regime, the pulp and paper industry, and others. His direct geographical experience is mostly in South-East Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia), but also covers Africa (Cameroon, Guinea, Morocco, South Africa, Ethiopia) and South America (Brazil).