Robert Boyer

Robert Boyer is a French economist trained at Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences-Po Paris and Paris 1 University. Previously senior research at CNRS and professor at EHESS, he is now Fellow at Institut des Amériques, Paris. He has developed an historical and comparative analysis of the institutional transformations of capitalism, under the label of Régulation theory, from Fordism to the finance led regime, crises are recurring but their forms change from one historical period to another. Systematic international comparisons converge toward a taxonomy of contemporary socioeconomic regimes and their growing interdependence within an unprecedented configuration of the world economy. This allows some prospective views, for instance about the next anthropogenetic model inspired by Japanese trajectory since 1945 . Among his publications Régulation Theory; the State of the Art (with Yves Saillard), Routledge, 2001, The Future of Growth, Edward Elgar, 2004, Les financiers détruiront-ils le capitalisme? Economica, 2011, Economie politique des capitalismes, La Découverte, 2015. See web site . He is one of the editors of Revue de la Régulation,