Renaud Lapeyre

Renaud Lapeyre is Research Fellow Biodiversity and Environmental Services for the Iddri, Paris (France). PhD doctor in development and environmental economics, his main research has recently focused on community-based natural resource management, conservation, collective action and income-generating activities (ecotourism) in developing countries. He worked and carried research during several years in Morocco, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya. His current specific research at IDDRI focuses on market-based instruments for biodiversity and payments for environment services in developing countries, in particular in Indonesia.

Among Renaud Lapeyre's recent publications, these may be consulted on the web:

  • Politics of the Earth - EDGE International Summer School, 2016-09-09
  • IUCN World Conservation Congress: Conservation finance, Renaud Lapeyre, Raphaël Billé, 2016-09-05