Rémi Parmentier

Rémi si a veteran of the international environmental movement which he joined at ayoung age in 1974 when he began working with Friends of the Earth inFrance. Since that time he has been both an actor and a witness ofthe evolution of environmental advocacy and policy.

Early on, Rémi was a founding member of Greenpeace International, acrew member and campaign leader during the first legendary voyages ofthe Rainbow Warrior in the 1970s and early 80s. He played a leadingrole in many of Greenpeace’s campaigns, and in setting upGreenpeace International’s Strategic and Political Unit whichhe led as Greenpeace International’s Political Director, untilhe left that position at the end of 2002 to form the Varda Group withhis colleague Kelly Rigg.

With the Varda Group, Rémi develops projects and campaigns onbehalf of a variety of clients and partners, covering areas asdiverse as ocean governance and marine policy, climate action,tobacco control, bees and pollinators conservation, whaleconservation, anti-corruption, human dignity, etc. He has also servedon the delegations of several governments and organizations atnumerous international policy fora, within and outside the UnitedNations system.

Rémi was one of the initial thinkers who helped conceptualize andestablish theGlobalOcean Commissionandits Deputy Executive Secretary (2013-2016).Currently, he runs the Support Team for the Becausethe Oceaninitiative launched at COP21 in Paris in 2015.

Rémi is a Visiting Professor at Madrid’s international businessschoolInstitutode Empresaand,also in Madrid at theInstituteof Industrial Managementwherehe teaches Leadership in Environmental Advocacy.


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