Liu Zhe

Dr Liu Zhe is a young Chinese economist who has been in the area of sustainable development research for years. Graduated from China Agricualture University, she got her PhD in economics in 2010. After that, she finished her postdoc research on climate change global governance in the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences from 2010 to 2013. Her research area covers international investment, trade and evironment; United Nation Framwork Convention of Climate Change negociation process; national and regional low carbon actions, etc.. During this period, she attended COP 15 in Tianjin and COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico; she organized and attended the field trip in South Africa and Zambia, investigating the best practices of China’s outward investment in Africa; she also engaged in the field trip to London, investigating the low carbon policies in UK. She became a research fellow in the Research Centre for Enviroinment and Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, PR China, in 2013. Her main research focus still maintains in the area of policy intervention of climate change mitigation and environmental governance. She participated in several international, national, ministrial level projects, focusing on sustainable urbanization in China, and are well acknowleged in China’s low carbon and sustainable development practices. In recent years, she began her research on the co-benefits of controlling SLCPS in China. She also broadly pays attention to the co-control of climate and environmental pollutants in China. List of selected paper published: [1] Liu Zhe (4th author) (2016). Road to Paris: The Changed and Unchanged in International Responsibility System [J]. Chinese Journal of Urban and Environmental Studies, Vol. 4, No. 1 (2016): DOI: 10.1142/S2345748116500068 [2] Liu Zhe,Du Xiaolin. (2015). Climate and Health Impacts of SLCPs and the Global Governance Progress [J].World Environment,2015, Vol. 6,pp40-42. [3] LIU Zhe, FENG Xiangzhao, TIAN Chunxiu, ZHANG Yiqiang, ZHAO Wei. (2015). Co-Control of GHGs and Local Pollutants Under New Climate Regime[J].Chinese Journal of Urban and Environmental Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2 [4] LIU Zhe, CHEN Ying. (2015). Impact, risks, and governance of climate engineering [J].Advances in Climate Change Research, Vol. 11. [5] Liu Zhe,Wang Min. (2015). Operational Mechanism and Synthesis Impacts of CCAC [M]. Green Book of Climate Change:(2015).Beijing:Social Scientific Literature Press.