David Santillo

Dr David Santillo is a marine and freshwater biologist and analytical chemist, with more than 20 years experience as a research scientist with the Greenpeace Research Laboratories, based at the University of Exeter in the UK. David is a UK national and obtained his PhD from the University of London in 1993, for the study of nutrient uptake kinetics in marine cyanobacteria. Since joining Greenpeace’s Science Unit in May 1994, David has provided scientific advice and analytical support on a wide range of projects aimed at documenting environmental pollution and enhancing protection, and has published numerous papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature as well as many technical reports and reviews commissioned by Greenpeace offices around the world (see www.greenpeace.to/greenpeace for details and downloads). David has also represented Greenpeace International at a range of international environmental treaties, including the OSPAR Convention and the London Protocol on dumping of wastes at sea.